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Birch Bark Containers 

For approximately 10 days each year, certain white birch trees will shed not only their outer bark, but the inner most layer, phloem, as well.  If the tree is carefully laid down and bucked up, a delicate hand with specialized tools can release the entire multi-layer of phloem, cambium and outside bark.  Once released, the section is clamped up to avoid distortion during the one year drying process.

     Each container requires its own specialized cover.  These are made of yellow birch or ash.  Both go better with the aged bark then the sawed out white birch does.  The barrel portion of the container is left untreated but the inside, covers and bottom are finished off with General (manufacturer’s name) water based, satin finish.

     The containers are quite strong although not very flexible.  You can literally stand on them when they are upright but the same pressure applied when they are laying on their side will crush them.   I made a set of stools out of them one time that are still being used.

     The bottoms, inside joining strip and handle brackets are attached using either brass screws or copper roves and rosehead clinch nails.  The rove and clinch nailing process is  an archaic method of joining delicate woods.  It is extremely strong and still used in small wooden boat building today.  The copper roves and rose heads on the nail will darken over the next several years and turn green within a decade.


For purchase and shipping/pick-up please contact Strangewoods directly.




Bucket,  handle, cover and cover pull – $140

Bucket with cover and cover pull – $100

Bucket with cover – $80

birch containers
birch contain 3
birch contain 2
birch contain 1
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