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Every year, for a few days, birch trees will release their cambium and bark with a little persuasion.  This end table's stand is a single piece of cambium and bark, dried , seasoned.and finished.   The legs are hop hornbeam secured to the cambium with bronze and copper fasteners.  The table top is maple burl, cut and polished to a luster. 

The finish on the burl is a hand rubbed oil and urethane composition with an oil-wax overcoat.  The finish on the hornbeam legs, the "piping"  and the cherry wood escutcheon is a  water based clear finish, brushed on.  There is no finish on the birch bark or fixtures.  

Both valve and gage are mid-20th century brass and copper, the faucet set is from a claw foot bathtub and is nickel plated brass.  

$450For purchase and shipping/pick-up please contact Strangewoods directly.

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