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Collector's Cabinet - $400

This design comes from the College of the Redwoods in California.  The tone, shape and simplicity reveals the influence of the school’s most famous teacher, James Krenov.


Its glass front and shelves make it a spectacular setting for someones special objects or a collector’s prized possessions. The delicate door handles and gentile clasps induces the gentile touch and careful movement that any fine collection requires.


The case and doors are constructed of spaulted American beech.  The stand is black cherry.


The finish is a low gloss tung oil.  Tung oil can be applied at any time to repair damaged or stained finish but it does not provide good protection against moisture.  Make sure that whatever gets stored within the cabinet or laid upon its surface does not sweat or condense water.


For purchase and shipping/pick-up please contact Alan Haley directly.

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