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Previous Work from Strange Woods


In Puritan days, the gift of a chest at a wedding or coming of age was a serious matter.  The chest was a private place where small things of serious personal import would be stored and preserved.  They were so consequential in the lives of early Americans that in New England, their contents would be probated upon the owners death.  One can still read the inventory lists in old court documents.

Birch Bark Containers: 

Everyone has seen the birch's bark used in a number of ways, but never like this.  For about ten days every year, the birch tree will not only release its bark, but with the right tools and technique, the cambium below as well.  These "rounds' can be shaped and combined into hundreds of different designs.  Here are a few buckets, vases and containers from this strange wood.  

Things to rest upon:

James Krenov once said the only reason cabinetmakers make chairs is because they made a table. Of course there are more  things to rest upon in this world then chairs, here are a few strange wood creations. 

Cabinets and shelves: 

Where we place the meaningful objects of our lives telegraphs how we feel about them.  Here are a few suggestions on how to display and protect those priceless artifacts of your life. 

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